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DragRace Analyzer RACE ANALYZER

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Race Proven NHRA & IHRA Bracket Finals 1993 ---- Halloween Classic XIX 1992
A Photo of race analyzer.
A dimension drawing .



The Race Analyzer or "Matty Box" is a data collection and analysis system specifically designed for bracket racing and et racing applications. The LED display system can give instant indications of car performance during a run or time trial (Covered under U.S. Patent Number 5051935). Rules changes for 1994 may make it necessary to disconnect or remove LED display during competition. This is on a separate plug and can easily be removed. THE RACE ANALYZER CAN ALSO BE ORDERED WITHOUT THE LED DISPLAY SYSTEM. After a run data is immediately available on the LCD display. After a few entries from the time slip are made the analyzer will display roll-out times, driver and car reaction times, ET's at 6 places during the run, along with 60ft, and overal ET, plus much more.


The Race Analyzer requires 12 volts for operation. A single wiring harness provides for connections to the delay box, distance pickup, and motion switch. No external signals from the tree or photo cells are needed or used. The motion switch detects the instant the car starts to move forward. It signals the start of a run in a footbrake car, and is used to measure car reaction time in a delay box equipped car. The distance is measured by a hall_effect pickup that detects magnets which are fastened to the front wheel or drive shaft.


Many times time trials are limited. The Race Analyzer can give all the necessay information with only one time trial in each lane. Fewer time trials means lower costs for fuel and parts. Data collected during the run and analyzed after the run can help in dialing the car and the delay box. Totals of ignition firings for the run , 60ft., and 100ft or 200 ft can help in analyzing problems with running consistent.


The Race Analyzer is accurate to .001 sec. although the ET readings are generally only accurate to about + or - .005 sec. The error is caused by the car not leaving the beam the same from run to run, or the trans-brake or line-locks not releasing the same. If the distance is measured by the front wheel then it must stay on the ground. If a drive shaft pickup is used wheel spin will cause inaccuracies.